NBC cherry picking facts again while stating teens inhale cancer-causing chemicals from e-cigarettes.

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NBC continues to find the stuff they want to report over actually doing some investigative reporting in order to  find unbiased science. Their latest scare piece is “Teens inhale cancer-causing chemicals in e-cigarettes” Be warned, they use sophisticated terms like: significantly higher and much higher without reporting what that meant, since the answer was substantially lower then tobacco. If you follow their link to the actual report from the journal Pediatrics you will be able to read the following:

CONCLUSIONS: Although e-cigarette vapor may be less hazardous than tobacco smoke, our
findings can be used to challenge the idea that e-cigarette vapor is safe, because many of the
volatile organic compounds we identified are carcinogenic.

Granted that’s still beating a dead horse because no responsible person will tell you vaping is safe. It’s called harm reduction, not elimination.

The title itself is deceptive since adult vapors would be inhaling the same chemicals but they can get people to fear click on their article if you mention kids. While NBC ignored it, The journal did state “It is worth noting that levels of VOCs detected in e-cigarette–only users were on average lower than has been reported among adults.‍” 

Watching the video is pretty cool. They showed a Pacha Mama flavor I’m currently vaping, but didn’t say if that was one of the e-liquids actually used by the 67 teens in the testing.  I know, that was a massive study. Public Health England only used 1,800 people 16+ for some of their studies.

Problems here being the testing was done at the University of California; San Francisco is the city that violated the 9th Amendment by banning e-liquid flavors and California and violated the 26th Amendment by raising the smoking age to 21. So basically while NBC gleefully reported as usual, reports with answers they want, no one asked how the contraband e-liquid flavors  got into the hands of  the 16.4 average age for the study, which is illegal in all 50 states including those that actually follow the constitution with an adult age of 18.

Teens will eventually smoke because they are addicted to nicotine “laced” in (I assume they mean 0MG) e-liquids.  They could have used the word “trace” but that wouldn’t freak people out. Vegetable glycerin is made from… well… vegetables. Egg plants among others contain small amounts of nicotine that are naturally absorbed by the human body. Ever heard anyone say “I started smoking because I had seconds on a vegetable”? They stated more of the harmful chemicals in fruit flavors which are popular with the kiddies and we have no idea what’s in them since it’s simply listed as “flavors” on the label… if only some government agency like the FDA made manufactures submit their ingredient lists… Whoops, seems they do.

Of course you can use the popular buzz words like “Popcorn lung” which refers to diacetyl which was used for the buttery topping in popcorn factories. The largest manufactures have removed it and most reputable e-liquid companies don’t use it as far as we know, but the FDA does. If you get your e-liquid from some hack who claims to make it on site make sure to get the FDA tobacco product number and the batch number for the bottle, which if you added “a splash of mint” it’s a new lot number and is required.  Why? Should real science find a problem with an ingredient, you will know to stop using it.

The final note is they don’t like people claiming vaping is healthy; well that is a true statement. While proven to be 95% less harmful than smoking, there is that 5%.

Healthier than smoking? Yes

Far less harmful that smoking? Yes

Healthy? No

If you smoke and all the FDA approved crap doesn’t work, like it hasn’t for millions, then visit us and we can help you start to work down your nicotine addiction.  Studies so far have vaping for five years showing no health concern with vaping, after that is tentative due to limited studies so far, past that point.

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